AGM 2020


  • Video Messages from the Presidents
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Mutagenesis Editor’s Report
  • GSN Chair’s Report
  • IGG Chair’s Report
  • MEG Chair’s Report
  • NUKEMS Chair’s Report

A Message from the President, Karen Brown

A Message from the Incoming President, Gareth Jenkins

Treasurer’s Report

Membership July 2020 (Jan 2020, 2019, 2018)

  • 16 Fellows (16, 16, 14)
  • 69 Members (80, 91, 86)
  • 31 Students (46, 58, 44)
  • Total = 116# (142, 165, 144)
  • # Current membership numbers from UEKSM website following transfer from OUP (see below)


  • Subscriptions (£25)/membership transitioned to new UKEMS Website (manage by Affinity Events Ltd)
  • Note membership still increasing as more members register on new website
  • It is members responsibility to ensure that there membership is active (please check and re-register)
  • Please ensure students re-join as full members once they have graduated

Bank Accounts

  • Balances at 14th July 2020
    • Lloyds TSB: £140,560.43
    • HSBC: £54,007
    • Total reserves = £ 194, 567.43
  • Major Debits/Credits in 2020
    • UKEMS/BTS meeting loss (D) – £ 12,546.79 (Feb 2020)
    • Mutagenesis profit share (C) – £ 94,203.00 (Apr 2020)
  • Note. Accounts will be accepted/approved once the audit is completed by accountants

Breakdown of payments (2020)

UKEMS/BTS conference 2019
(meeting loss)
Summer studentship/Pilot grants9970
EEMGS travel bursaries1 approved (subsequently not used)
EEMGS Subs1210.98
Travel Bursaries905.78
Society of Biology390
IGG, MEG Annual4000
Mutagenesis editorial expense6000
Website costs280
Committee expenses1074.28
UKEMS 20207044.00 (paid in 2019)

Mutagenesis Editor’s Report

  • 38 submissions from 1st Jan-31st May 2020; 58% rejection rate
  • Average time to 1st decision 25.5 days
  • Average time to acceptance/rejection 16 days
    • This figure is currently mis-leading due to the high outright rejection rate (usually returned to authors in 1-2 days following submission). The number will be more realistic at the end of the year when all manuscripts currently under review are included.

Mutagenesis Ranking and Impact Factor 2009-2018

YearImpact FactorToxicology RankingGenetics/Heredity Ranking

Special Issues and Topics

  • 2019
    • Special Issue: In silico approaches to genetic toxicology, Vol 34.1; Guest Editor: Masamitsu Honma
    • Special Topic: Insights into the risk, prognosis and progression of pancreatic cancer; Guest Editor: Pavel Vodička
  • 2020
    • Special Issue: Implications of DNA Damage and DNA Repair on Human Diseases, Vol 35.1; Guest Editor: Bryant Nelson & Miral Dizdar
    • Special Topic: Updates addressing colorectal cancer heterogeneity; Guest Editor: Alessio Naccarati and Pavel Vodička
    • Special Topic (Planned): 3D skin models for genotoxicity evaluation; Guest Editor: Stefan Pfuhler & Raffaella Corvi

Editorial Board Changes

  • Retired from the Editorial Board (Dec 2019): Alok Dhawan (India)
  • Retired from the Editorial Board (May 2020): Veronique Thybaud (France)
  • Appointed to the Editorial Board (Dec 2019): Bryant Nelson (USA)

Mutagenesis Best Publication Prize

Paper of the Year Award –
scored by its citations & downloads in 2019

Improvement of quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) tools for predicting Ames mutagenicity: outcomes of the Ames/QSAR International Challenge Project
Masamitsu Honma, Airi Kitazawa, Alex Cayley… et al
Mutagenesis, Volume 34, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 3–16

Mutagenesis will become an online only journal from Jan 2021


  • Salma Begum-Rahman, Mutagenesis Editorial ‘Office’
  • Senior Editors, past and present
  • Phil Bishop, OUP
  • Members of Editorial Board, past and present
  • Reviewers – publish an annual thank you to our reviewers; Jan issue (35:1)
  • Last but not least, AUTHORS

GSN Chair’s Report

  • The GSN has announced the cancellation of the January 2021 Annual meeting. We hope to recommence in Jan 2022. Other than this, all other aspects of the Network activities remain unchanged.


IGG Chair’s Report

Changes to the IGG Committee

Committee (as of July 2020):CompanyJoinedLeft
Paul Fowler, ChairFSTox Consulting2017
Darren Kidd, TreasurerCovance2019
Paul Rawlinson, SecretaryGentronix2016
Mel Lloyd, Ordinary memberCovance2015
Rhiannon David, Ordinary memberAstraZeneca2015
Eva Lessmann, Ordinary memberSyngenta2019
Grace Kocks, Ordinary memberLhasa2020

IGG Accounts Summary (2019)

IGG Accounts Summary (2020)

‘Save the Date’ for the IGG Annual Meeting!

  • The IGG Annual meeting will be held on November 30th – December 1st 2020.
  • Also, for the first time, this year we will host a New Investigator Session with an award for the best talk.
  • Now most likely to be a virtual meeting on the same date with a revised running order, updates will be posted on social media.
  • Rich Williams award – In memory of Rich we decided to host an annual IGG prize for an new/early career investigator there will be a small cash prize alongside travel/registration expenses to attend and speak at the next UKEMS meeting.
  • IGG member companies (and NUKEMS) asked to suggest suitable candidates. Must have an industrial focus or application to be considered.
  • Format of this session would be 3 short new investigator talks, voting by the audience via Menti and announced at the following days AGM.

The future of the IGG

  • A Broader role representing industry?
  • IGG currently holds an annual meeting with a single F2F committee meeting
  • Can we do more?
    • Publications and position papers
    • Workshops (in addition to/instead of the annual meeting?)
    • Data gathering
    • Training on interpretation of regulatory assays (online content)
  • Plans for meetings in conjunction with other European societies.
  • Some of these activities will be starting in 2020


MEG Chair’s Report

MEG Committee Members

  • Chair – Jill McKay, Northumbria University
  • Secretary – Jessica Timms, King’s College London
  • Treasurer – Andrew Collins, University of Oslo
  • Member – Marc Gunter, IARC
  • Member – Sabine Langie, Maastricht University
  • Member – Hannah Elliott, Bristol University
  • Member – Jonine Figueroa, Edinburgh University
  • Member – Natassia Robinson, Newcastle University

MEG annual meeting

  • Due to limited abstract submissions (n=10) and few registrants we predicted a low attendance (around 20-25) and therefore cancelled the meeting ahead of the situation surrounding COVID19.
  • We will be working with the UKEMS committee in which we may rebrand the group in the future to build a coherent focus and build momentum.
  • Plans for future meetings are currently on hold due to the COVID situation and will be revisited in the Autumn.

New Team Members and Roles

  • Chair (Jill) and Treasurer (Andrew) are due to rotate off the committee
  • Jonine will take over as Treasurer, but we need to elect a new Chair from existing members
  • We will need at least one new member to join and therefore will soon be advertising this seat


  • Our new website runs well and facilitates registrations and abstract submissions for meetings (
  • We will keep using this site in as it is more cost efficient than linking with the UKEMS website.
  • We request that the UKEMS website has a more visible link to the interest groups, as currently this is difficult to find.


  • Finances are in order currently, with around £6000 in credit.
  • We thanks UKEMS for the yearly £2000 contribution.

NUKEMS Chair’s Report

  • NUKEMS held another successful Sunday session at the UKEMS-BTS congress, Cambridge, 2019
    • This included new investigator (NI) poster pitches/ talks and online peer voting to decide on prize winners
    • Dr Ruth Morse (UWE) and Rob Smith (Covance) were our expert panel on what makes a good interview candidate and we carried out a mock interview with model answers
    • No post-conference survey was carried out this year due to the joint society nature of the conference
    • There were also a number of talks and posters by UKEMS NIs at the congress, and committee members assisted in the poster judging
  • As the session won’t happen this year, the committee aims to provide some of our usual session content online, and increase our online presence
  • As a number of committee members rotated off the committee in June, our focus has been on recruiting new members
    • The aim was to achieve a good representation of companies/ institutions and NI career stages
    • The new committee is as follows:
NameCompany/ institutionCareer stageRole
Fiona ChapmanImperial BrandsPre-clinical toxicologist, 2yrs post PhDChair
Beth RogoyskiDe Montfort UniversityLecturer, <1yr post PhDVice-Chair
Lucy SwithenbankSwansea University (Genomic Medicine)Teaching staff, <1yr post PhDTreasurer
Alex Afarinkia-VinaderCovanceReport co-ordinator, graduateOrdinary member
Harshini AsurappuligeUniversity of West EnglandPhD studentOrdinary member
Rebekah BeckKing’s College LondonPost-doctoral researcher, <1yr post-PhDOrdinary member
Alan DawsonLeicester UniversityPhD student/ Academic Clinical FellowOrdinary member
Demi PritchardSwansea University (IVTG)PhD studentOrdinary member
Anup RaiCovanceResearch assistant, graduateOrdinary member
Linda ReillySwansea University (IVTG)PhD studentOrdinary member
  • We are currently in the process of selecting a Secretary and allocating dedicated social media roles
  • We would like to thank the former committee members for all their hard work over the years

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