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Sunday 3rd July

Registration open12:00 - 18:30
NUKEMS Welcome lunch13:00 - 13:30
Ruth Morse, UWE13:30 - 14:30The session will introduce new investigators on how to start planning your writing, what to include and what not to include. We will cover types and styles of writing  appropriate for different writing scenarios, and scientific conventions that will be expected of you, but that you might not be aware of. Some of the presentation will be interactive - please bring along paper and pens to help you to engage with the ideas presented!
Helena Reinardy, SAMS14:30 - 15:00Helena will take us through her career timeline to date as an inspiring early career scientist and the winner of this year’s UKEMS Young Scientist Award
Afternoon tea15:00 - 15:20
Introduction to the Dr Eleanor Wilde Memorial Award session15:20 - 15:25
Angela Saccardo15:25 - 15:45Evaluating the genotoxicity of multicomponent nanomaterials with the in vitro cytokinesis block micronucleus (CBMN) assay – a comparison with their individual components
Harshini Asurappulige15:45 - 16:05Mutagenicity resulting from a chemotherapy-induced cytokine storm in a model of the human bone marrow
Kathryn Munn16:05 - 16:25

Measuring DNA damage in circulating blood cells as a potential biomarker for early detection of oesophageal adenocarcinoma

Rebekah Beck16:25 - 16.45

High content in vitro micronucleus assay highlights novel links between epigenetic changes and genotoxic outcomes

Audience voting open and session close16:45 - 16:50The winner will be announced at the conference dinner.
Welcome from UKEMS President17:00 - 17:15Gareth Jenkins - Swansea
Jim Parry Award Lecture: A path through mutations and statistics: a random walk?17:15 - 18:00David Lovell - St George's Medical School
Drinks Reception & Canapes18:00 - 19:00

Monday 4th July

IGG Session 1 – Nitrosamines and Industry Topics09:00 - 12:30Chairs: Paul Fowler (FSTox Consulting Ltd) & Robert Smith (Labcorp Drug Development)
N-Nitrosamine impurities: Introduction to Risks and challenges09:00 - 09:20Jo Elloway - AstraZeneca
Can the Ames test adequately predict the carcinogenic potential of N-nitrosamines?09:20 - 09:40Rachael Tennant - Lhasa
Structure-activity relationships for nitrosamine mutagenicity and carcinogenicity09:40 - 10:00David Ponting - Lhasa
Quantitative Analysis of In Vivo Mutagenicity Dose Response Data for Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decision-making: A Case Study of Nitrosamines10:00 - 10:20George Johnson - Swansea University
Panel Discussion10:20 - 10:40Panel Discussion
Coffee Break10:40 - 11:00
Establishing laboratory proficiency in the OECD 488 big blue® transgenic rodent somatic and germ cell mutation assay11:00 - 11:25Karen Philp - Gentronix
Comparison of lowest positive concentrations for inducers of MN in vivo with in vitro positive concentrations (IVIVC)11:25 - 11:50James Whitwell - Labcorp Drug Development
A weight of evidence review of the genotoxicity of Titanium Dioxide11:50 - 12:30Carol Beevers - Broughton
AGM & Lunch12:30 - 13:45
2022 Young Scientist Award Winner: Eco-genotoxicology and the implications of genetic impacts of contaminants in marine organisms13:45- 14:30Helena Reinardy - Scottish Association for Marine Science
Session 2: Young Scientists14:30- 16:30Chairs: Fiona Chapman (Imperial Brands Science) & Hannah Elliott (University of Bristol)
Using normal human tissue derived organoids to investigate mutational signatures14:30- 14:45Halh Al-Serori - King's College London
Mutagenicity resulting from a chemotherapy-induced cytokine storm in a model of the human bone marrow14:45 - 15:00Harshini Asurappulige - University of the West of England
Coffee Break15:00 - 15:30
Detecting non-genotoxic carcinogens via mechanistic investigation15:30- 15:45Demi Pritchard - Swansea University
The impact of aflatoxin exposure on IL6/STAT3 and growth factors pathway in vitro15:45 - 16:00Hang Wu - University of Leeds
Repurposing Drugs to Prevent Mesothelioma16:00 - 16:15Catherine Shelton - University of Leicester
Optimising in vitro mutagenicity testing for engineered nanomaterials: An interlaboratory approach16:15 - 16:30Michael Burgum - Swansea University
Poster Session & Drinks Reception16:30 - 18:00
Hot fork buffet17:30 - 19:00

Tuesday 5th July

Session 3: New Technologies09:00- 12:00Chairs: Gareth Jenkins (Swansea University) & Ann Doherty (AstraZeneca)
Using NanoSeq to examine mutational signatures of chemotherapeutics and carcinogens in human tissue-derived organoids09:00- 09:30Jill Kucab - King's College London
Use of the H2AX/pH3 genotoxicity assay in combination with high throughput toxicokinetics models to provide human dose context in chemical risk assessment09:30 - 10:00Marc Audebert - INRA
Coffee Break10:00 - 10:30
2022 Mutagenesis Paper of the Year: The in vitro ToxTracker and Aneugen Clastogen Evaluation extension assay as a tool in the assessment of relative genotoxic potential of e-liquids and their aerosols10:30 - 11:00Fiona Chapman - Imperial Brands
2020 Richard Williams Award: High Content, High Throughput, Image Based Genotoxicity Screen: Micronucleus Assessment and Beyond11:00 - 11:30Amy Wilson - AstraZeneca
Nanomaterial Exposure Induces Expressional Alternations in 3D HepG2 Liver Spheroids11:30 - 11:45Gillian Conway - Swansea University
Investigating the impact of high glucose and carcinogen co-exposure on mitochondrial genotype and phenotype in human lymphoblastoid cell line11:45 - 12:00Katherine Chapman - Swansea University
Intro to NGS SIG12:00 - 13:00
Lunch & Intro to NGS SIG12:00 - 13:00
Jim Parry Award Lecture: Evolving concepts in genetic ecotoxicology or eco-genotoxicology: a stride through linking human and environmental health13:00 - 14:00Awadhesh Jha - University of Plymouth
Session 4: Cancer / Disease Prevention14:00 - 17:00Chairs: Karen Brown (University of Leicester) & Richard Beatson (KCL)
The microbiome and colorectal cancer14:00 - 14:45Phil Quirke - University of Leeds
Association of circulating amino acids with colorectal cancer risk in the EPIC and UK Biobank cohorts14:45- 15:15Joseph Rothwell - Inserm
Coffee Break15:15 - 15:45
Aberrantly glycosylated MUC1; the perfect cancer target? 15:45 - 16:15Richard Beatson - King's College London
Epigenomic prediction of common disease states and their risk factors16:15 - 16:45Robert Hillary - University of Edinburgh
A mechanistic insight into the lung-derived inflammatory response following in vitro exposure to cigarette smoke and next-generation nicotine delivery products16:45 - 17:00Robert Bedford - Labcorp Early Development Laboratories Ltd
Gala Dinner19:00 - 23:00The Majestic Hotel

Wednesday 6th July

Session 5: Environmental Aspects09:00 - 13:00Chairs: Karin Burnett (KalVista Pharmaceuticals) & Mike Routledge (AstraZeneca)
Investigating the mechanisms associated with varying outdoor and indoor air pollutants using advanced lung-cell technologies in vitro09:00 - 09:45Martin Clift - Swansea University
The impact of aflatoxin exposure on child health in sub-Saharan Africa 09:45 - 10:15Mike Routledge - University of Leicester
Biological clocks and other surrogate markers in environmental health research10:15 - 10:45Oliver Robinson - Imperial College London
Coffee Break10:45 - 11:15
Alcohol and cancer11:15 - 11:45David Phillips - King's College London
Obesity as a genotoxic environment: how biomonitoring and predictive modelling of genomic instability in childhood obesity provide opportunities for early intervention11:45 - 12:15Emanuela Volpi - University of Westminster
Determining the toxicological effects of indoor air pollution on both a healthy and an inflammatory compromised model of the alveolar unit in vitro12:15 - 12:30Kirsty Meldrum - Swansea University
Closing Remarks12:30 - 12:45
Lunch12:45 - 14:00

The venue for our meeting is The Royal Hall, Ripon Rd, Harrogate HG1 2SY

This stunning Edwardian theatre was built in 1903 by Frank Matcham as a multi-purpose entertainment space for the rich and famous visitors to Harrogate’s spa. The breathtaking interior design is inspired by the great ballrooms of imperial Europe combined with British theatrical elements. See the 360 degree tour here.

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