Membership of UKEMS provides many benefits which include:

• Discussion forum for academics, government scientists, industry and individuals from regulatory and legislative bodies.
• Wide ranging discussions from the molecular basis of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis to testing methods
• Low membership fee and scheme for reduced subscription to join the Institute of Biology
• Annual scientific meeting
• Regular meetings organised by the IGG, MEG, GSN and NUKEMS
• Bi-monthly international journal (Mutagenesis)
• Mutagenicity testing guidelines books
• Free membership for students, bursaries to attend meetings, best presentation award
• Young Scientist Award Scheme
• Training workshops
• Automatic membership of the European Environmental Mutagen Society
• Provision of an international directory of EMS members

How to Join

Anyone practising genetic toxicology is strongly encouraged to join UKEMS. Full time members require a sponsor (who must be a member) and student members require their supervisor’s endorsement.

Membership applications are processed online 

If you are eligible for student membership then you need to click on the link in the ‘Notes’ section at the bottom of the subscription webpage.

Important: It can take a couple of weeks for new memberships to be processed. If after this time you have not received a welcome e-mail stating that you have successfully joined UKEMS, then please contact the UKEMS Treasurer, Jon Howe:


Renewal invoices for subscription payments are usually sent out in October, followed by TWO reminders, if necessary, around December and February.

If you do not receive an invoice please contact us at:

Please note that anyone wishing to pay membership fees for multiple people in a single transaction must send a cheque and accompanying letter detailing the individual members covered by the payment to Customer Services Department, Oxford Journals, Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP, UK. For further information on group payments please contact

Travel Expenses

If you have travel expenses to claim for UKEMS business, please download and complete the form below:

Travel expenses claim form

Travel expenses rules