Anup Rai

Hi, I am Anup. Ever since early age, I was curious about science and innovation, mainly working in laboratory and creating something novel. This curiosity transformed into passion motivating me through my education at University of Huddersfield where I completed my undergraduate in Bachelor of Science (Hons) Microbial Sciences followed by Masters of Science in Infection, Immunity and Human Disease from University of Leeds. This is where I developed my scientific skills and resources that aspired to carry out my passion as a career.

I joined Covance in 2017 as a Research assistant in Genetic Toxicology Department. My job role involves carrying out in vitro assays such as in vitro micronucleus and chromosomal aberration assays to identify the substances that causes genotoxicity/DNA damage and structural chromosomal aberrations ensuring the safety of the compounds in the process of early drug development. Apart from this, I also carry out non-standard projects such as validation and trial projects, check laboratory stocks and supplies, training new staffs and liaising with professionals to carry out daily lab process smoothly. I enjoy my work as it had fulfilled my passion to work in lab and fuels to learn new things every day.

Besides science and work, I am a yoga enthusiast. I practice yoga and mindfulness which helps me to manage my work challenges, remain balance and stay productive. I also enjoy travelling as this connects me to the variety of people, their cultures and backgrounds.