Call to New Investigators

Call to New Investigators

Are you a new investigator? Do you know someone who is?

New investigators are any early career scientists, from those working within industry to students. Generally, they will have the equivalent of up to 4-6 years’ worth of post-doc experience (but they won’t necessarily have a PhD!).

You may be familiar with the ‘Sunday sessions’ the committee for the new investigators of UKEMS (NUKEMS) hold before the main annual UKEMS conference, where we offer presentation opportunities (with peer voting and prizes!), careers and interview advice from senior UKEMS scientists and food and drink. We know those who have attended have really benefitted from these!

We’re updating our membership list and want to make sure we know who our UKEMS new investigators are so we can tailor our sessions (and other online communications) to them.

We’re asking that any current new investigator members let us know who you are by sending us a quick email ( This list will not be shared beyond the NUKEMS/UKEMS committees and is for our information only.

We would also be grateful for all UKEMS members to spread the word to any early career scientists they know in the field to join UKEMS for the great presentation, networking, and funding opportunities available!

Whilst we can’t all meet in person, look out for our up-coming online content on the NUKEMS website (you can also find more info. about the NUKEMS committee members there),, and follow us on Twitter (NIUKEMS), LinkedIn (NI UKEMS) and Instagram (niukems).

Finally, please get in touch to let us know of what content you would like to see from us!

Thank you!

Fiona (NUKEMS Chair), Lucy (NUKEMS Membership Secretary) and the rest of the NUKEMS committee

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