UKEMS Grant to fund a Workshop or Meeting

Grants of up to £10,000 are available to assist with the organisation of workshops or small meetings in the UK on topics related to the aims of the society. 

Aims of funding scheme:

• To advance the understanding of UKEMS members in specialised research areas, and

• To improve their training in relevant techniques. 

Workshops/meetings will be funded up to a total of £10,000 each. The money may be spent for the invitation of speakers and the cost of conference facilities.  Other delegates will be expected to support their own attendance and subsistence expenses. 

The workshop/meeting must be relevant to the goals of the UKEMS.

The organiser must be a current member of UKEMS and should have been a member for more than one year.

The applicant must be based in the UK.

The workshop/meeting must be open to attendance by UKEMS members.

A full report will be provided to UKEMS after the meeting.  Any publications arising from the meeting must acknowledge UKEMS. Successful applicants are also encouraged to submit a manuscript to Mutagenesis (research or review article) in a subject broadly related to the meeting topics.

UKEMS support must be acknowledged by the meeting/workshop organisers.

Application process
Applications may be made at any time, but should be well in advance of the proposed meeting and should be e-mailed to the UKEMS secretary. They will be assessed by a panel of UKEMS committee members, past or present.    

The application will be made using the approved form and include a brief description of the workshop/meeting, and its relevance to the aims of UKEMS.

A draft of the programme, the proposed number of participants, the budget for the workshop/meeting, and justification for the requested costs should be provided.

Successful applicants will normally be informed of the outcome within 4 weeks after the application.

To apply for a grant to fund a Workshop or Meeting, click here.