UKEMS Conference Bursary

UKEMS provides bursaries for students, postdoctoral and industrial members (Note: UKEMS student membership is free of charge) to attend the annual UKEMS conference.

Applicants must have been a UKEMS member for longer than 9 months prior to the time of the annual conference. They must normally also be either registered for a post-graduate degree or be a postdoctoral worker with no more than 6 years experience since receiving their PhD. Applications will be also be welcomed from UKEMS members based in industry with an equivalent level of experience. Applicants falling outside these criteria may be considered at the discretion of the committee.

Applications must be made using the appropriate application form (see ‘Files’ below) by letter, Fax or E-mail attachment to the local meeting organiser and UKEMS Treasurer, well in advance of the deadlines for registration and abstract submission and must include the abstract of a poster/verbal presentation to be given at the meeting.

If you are applying for a Conference Bursary please select the ‘Bursary’ pass type when registering for the conference via the UKEMS 2018 conference webpage.

These bursaries automatically cover the full registration fee (inclusive of meals and attendance at the conference dinner) plus the cost of standard accommodation offered by the conference organisers. 

It is expected that recipients of these bursaries attend the whole UKEMS Conference (all sessions) including any New Investigator (NUKEMS) workshops or continuing professional development (CPD) course taking place prior to the conference.

Recipients must acknowledge the support of UKEMS on their poster or slides, if giving an oral presentation. Recipients are also expected to provide a brief report (one or two paragraphs) summarising the highlights of the meeting, for publication on the UKEMS website.

If UKEMS receives too many applications, the awards will be made on the basis of one per institute and/or on a first-come-first-served basis. Members who receive UKEMS Conference Bursaries remain eligible for UKEMS Presentation/Poster Awards at the conference. They can also still apply for one further travel award in the same year. 

Download an application form for this bursary type here.