UKEMS Summer Student Placements

These bursaries fund undergraduate students to undertake a 6-8 week project in research laboratories in either academia or industry, during the summer vacation. 

Projects will be funded to a total of £1,500, including a student bursary (£125 per week) and £500 research costs to the laboratory. 

Projects must be relevant to the goals of the UKEMS, as judged by a panel of adjudicators drawn from the UKEMS committee members past or present. 

Project supervisors must be an existing member of UKEMS and should have been a member for more than one year. Supervisors must also be based in the UK and the laboratory in which the work will be undertaken should be in the UK. 

Project supervisors who apply should have a named undergraduate student in mind for the project. 

UKEMS must be acknowledged on any presentations or publications arising from the project work and the student must provide a brief report (~1 page) for display on the UKEMS website. 

Applications should be made by the project supervisor using the approved form and include a brief description of the project, its relevance to the aims of UKEMS, and the expected outcome of the project. 

A brief CV of the student, including a statement as to why the student wishes to carry out the project, should also be attached. 

The application will be considered by a panel of UKEMS committee members, past or present. 

e-mail applications to the UKEMS Secretary:

Students must begin their projects before July 31st

It is expected that up to six studentships will be available each year. 

Occasions may arise when supervisors wish to submit applications for bursaries at other times of the year. Such applications may be considered at the discretion of the UKEMS committee. 

Click here to download application form.